9 Simple Steps to More Clients - The Sales & Marketing Fast Track Audio Course

Programme Outline

Getting the best value from this programme.

This programme has been designed to take you through a thinking process that will motivate you to apply the ideas to your business in a practical way.

There will be a lot to think about and a lot to do.

We suggest that you concentrate on one session every month, as this will give you the time to actually do something meaningful with the material. We do refer to setting monthly actions on the audio and in the workbook.

You can of course choose to fast track yourself through the process. The choice is yours. You can learn at your own pace in your own space. Here is what to expect as you work through the programme:-

Session 1 – Setting Direction

Getting clear about the driving force of your business and the direction you wish to travel. We will explore your core purpose, underpinning values, big picture and the specific goals you wish to achieve this year.

Session 2 – Understanding your market place and your customers

Understanding exactly what your market place and competition is telling you and guiding you towards where the gaps are that need your solution.  Knowing how to research and ask the right questions to get to that all important inside story.

We will help you to focus on your perfect client, to know exactly what they are most likely to buy and where and how you can get access to them. 

We will also look at your existing client base and what you can do to build and develop the business you do with them this year.

Session 3 – Building and communicating your solution

Focusing on exactly which revenue streams are going to feed your business and creating and describing an attractive proposition that hits the needs and desires of your customers. We will help you to create the right sales ladder to enable you to get your customers to take the first step, buy more, buy long-term and for some, purchase high ticket options involving less work and a greater return. 

We will help you to focus on pricing and packaging options and the frame of mind you need to deal effectively with price issues.

Session 4 – Creating a path from unaware to long term customer

Focusing on how your ideal target clients are most likely to buy your product or service and creating a simple pathway through the process. We will help you to see how you can get the right people to raise their hands and make themselves known to you through various lead generating activities.

We will help you to look at and improve your complete sales process, approach and skill set. This will include how you look after and maintain your ongoing relationships with existing and past customers. We will discuss the systems you need to set up to manage your sales process effectively.

Session 5 – Developing your marketing messages and materials

Focusing on communicating your message to your market and making sure that it hits the right chord with your target customers. We will help you to look at exactly what you need to do that and how to say the right things about your business to influence positively, both in written and verbal formats.

We will discuss your marketing materials, their purpose and how to create very tightly focused briefs, when working with others to produce your materials. We will focus on your brand image, your advertising and website. 

Session 6 – The best marketing methods for your business

Understanding the many different ways there are to generate leads for your business and deciding exactly which are right for you. We will explore setting up effective alliances, how referral marketing works, and running successful events, tele-marketing and follow up, exhibitions and conferences, talks and more. 

We will show you how to test and measure results and integrate the steps on your path through each lead generation method.

Session 7 – Using the internet and social media marketing

We will be working with our guest experts to show you what is possible to achieve with the internet and how you can use a social media strategy to lead generate. We will be showing you what you can do yourself and what you need to be aware of if you enlist a provider.

Session 8 – Building your profile through PR

We will show you exactly how you can develop and implement your own PR strategy for your business. We will help you to consider how to put together your own local media list, how the media works and what you can do to build a strong expert profile in your field. 

You will learn how to create a press release that gets attention and how to develop a series of articles that can show case your business.

Session 9 – Building key relationships and an ongoing customer
attraction system

Bringing together all the steps in our system, demonstrating how it all integrates together to work for you year after year. The relationships that you build and develop will be the key to the progression of your business so we will help you to focus on the people in your business that are important and who could be in the future.

We will also focus on you personally and the kind of mental and emotional discipline you need to grow and keep on growing. There will be time to consider the key achievements and successes you have had since starting this programme and your ambitions and focus for the future.

Course Syllabus

Sales & Marketing Fast Track Audio Programme

I found Jackie’s Sales and Marketing Fast-Track course excellent. It enabled me to digest and develop her methodology at my own pace. Jackie is a very capable tutor and mentor on Marketing and Sales and I highly recommend her. — Alan Duff, Johnson Matthey
I have implemented a lot the ideas from the Sales and Marketing Fast Track Programme – and completely turned around our sales process. The follow up I now do, has increased business significantly. — Reg Clarke, Fine Claret Media
The Sales and Marketing Fast Track programme gave me both the structure and know how to deliver my sales and marketing myself. I find it much easier to do something every month that is important to the business. I have been getting new customers as a result. — John Spoerry, HR Consultant
The Sales and Marketing Fast Track programme provided me with some excellent material and templates to use, I was so impressed that I ended up becoming one of the tutors on the group programmes. — Dominic Marlow, Business Consultant
The Sales and Marketing Fast Track Programme gave me a completely fresh perspective on our business. Each lesson gave me something new to consider. I was able to put a good plan together that worked as a result. — David Harries, Communicate TV
I found Sales and Marketing Fast Track Programme very practical and very useful. I was able to take out of it what I needed most to grow my business. I particularly liked the 9 - step formula and mind map. — Barry Luff, Sales Consultant
The Sales and Marketing Fast Track programme helped me to re structure my coaching proposition and create an effective marketing plan for it. It helped me so much with my business that I became one of the licensed tutors and delivered a number of group programmes. — Helen Isacke, Executive Coach
This Sales and Marketing Fast Track programme focused us on what we need to do to create contacts. It gave us the confidence to talk to potential clients. We are much clearer about our proposition and we know and believe in our value. We are now attracting more new clients. — Sally Coles, Jonathan Coles Lighting Design

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